Upgrade your business phone systems

If you wish to maintain a competitive edge in today’s business environment, you need sophisticated telecommunication tools - the very same ones used by large enterprises. Kamtech IT Solutions’s FreedomVoice VoIP Phone Service could be what you’re looking for.

Our solution eliminates the complexity and expense that comes with traditional phone systems. You get reliable, high-quality voice service that’s easy to set up and you can start saving money today.

Benefits of Kamtech IT Solutions’s FreedomVoice VoIP include:

Cost Savings

Unlike traditional phone systems, FreedomVoice requires no on-site PBX hardware. Simply put, your VoIP service is handled by our enterprise servers remotely while your phone system will become completely scalable. You can add or remove phones on your system at any time and pay only for what you use.

Call Quality

FreedomVoice VoIP service uses proprietary call-handling architecture developed in-house that has been repeatedly refined to cut out jitter, echoes and other disruptions you may experience with other VoIP providers. We understand the importance of clarity of your business calls and accept nothing less than the best.


A VoIP PBX from FreedomVoice helps you unite your remote offices and telecommuters with your central office by integrating all locations into a single manageable phone network with detailed call reports. Your employees can place, receive and transfer calls from any location as though they were in the same office.

Our VoIP solutions allow you to cut travel costs and paper waste by communicating over the Internet. What’s more, we provide reliable audio reception, data transport, and redundant power supply, meaning you’ll never miss your important business calls again!